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Again - Welcome to my online portfolio!

Please take the time to browse all of the pages to get a more complete idea of what I do and of my capabilities. I collaborate with other artisans to create more diversity in the looks and styles of my projects. Now, a little of my history...

Avidly studying fine architectural features since childhood and working as a carpenter since high school served as a great foundation for my formal training in building high-end staircases and millwork. After apprenticing under two master stair-builders, I designed and built my first custom stair in 1986. Since then, I have created 78 unique staircases. Today, passion and dedication continue to fuel my work. I feel honored to offer you and your clients the kind of craftsmanship that dispels the myth: "Nobody does this kind of work anymore."

When you need a staircase that makes a statement, serving as more than just a vehicle for moving from one floor to the next, but also as a gorgeous focal point... When you need to replace that spiral stair with an elegant winder... When you need period detail, precise workmanship and artistry... Even for one of a kind artistic projects that have nothing to do with stairs, but everything to do with craftmanship and beauty... Call me.

I look forward to working with you.


Richard Sharkey

PS: These one of a kind staircases take from three to twelve months to complete. I work on only two or three projects at one time to ensure the highest quality. Therefore, you'll need to call me at the earliest possible planning stage so that we may schedule your project for completion exactly when you need it.


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Tel (720)373-8998