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A few of my interests!

My life revolves around art, in all it's forms and mediums. I strive to see the beauty all around me, in nature, in events, in people and their relationships. I bring all this into my work and by cooperating with other artisans, create more diversity in the projects that we work on. My pursuits are:

    - Fine architectural features and accents- Whether inside or out.
    - Music- Formally trained, I play my own original compositions on the cello and piano.
    - Philosophies and cultures of different peoples.
    - Sculpture of clay, bronze, stone, glass and wood in their pure form or mixed.
    - Theatre.
    - Development of an adobe home building school.
    - Environmentally sound building and construction practices.
    - Energy efficient designs.
    - Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dancing.


Architectural Artisans
PO Box 310
Evergreen, CO 80437
Tel (720)373-8998